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Complete technical specification

MSI proposes chokes and choke parts which are fully inter-changeable with
those manufacturers of the same choke product styles (Manufacturers are
FMC®, Oil Center Tools®, Cameron®, Mc Evoy® & Hughs Atlas®,
Gray Tool®, Gulfco®, National Supply®, Thornhill-Craver®, etc.).
These designs are time proven.

In addition to complete choke assemblies, parts for other types of chokes
are also available. All chokes may be ordered in both positive and
adjustable models. Each model utilizes a hammer lug type connection
which facilitates the quick changing of flow beans and trims.
In addition each choke is easily converted from positive to adjustable
or vice versa while the line.

Materials for choke bodies include alloy steel and stainless steel.
Standard choke bodies are available with either a 1" max or 2" max orifice.

The proposed chokes are suited for a broad range of applications.
These include wellheads, production manifolds, well testing,
steam injection, choke and kill manifolds, indirect fired heaters
and well clean operations.
Chokes are manufactured under the American Petroleum Institute guidelines

- ADJ 2“ and 3“ Fig.1502MxF, ¾“, 1“, 2“, 3“ orifice, STD/H2S
- POS 2“ and 3“ Fig.1502MxF, ¾“, 1“, 2“, 3“ orifice, STD/H2S
- Threaded choke assemblies, FMC profile
- Flanged choke assemblies, FMC profile
- Flanged choke assemblies
- Type H-H2 adjustable chokes MAX 1” & 2” orifice
- Type H-H2 positive chokes MAX 2” orifice
- Steam choke assembly 3000 lbs. CWP

All the products are manufactured according to the relevant API guidelines.

The choke range includes

Product Specifications

Choke profiles
Oct / Fmc, Cameron Type H2 and
Thornhill-Craver types
Body design
Angle type
End connections
Flanged RTJ and RF, 1" Lpt, 1-1/2" Lpt,
2" Lpt, weld ends and union hubs
Design pressures
2000 psi cwp thru 20,000 psi cwp
Body sizes
2" nominal thru 4" nominal
Body materials
Alloy steel and stainless steel
Trim sizes
1/2", ¾", 1", 1-1/2" up to 3" max
Trim materials
Alloy steel, stainless steel, stainless steel
tungsten carbide and inconel
* Parts for other chokes also available *